Your packing slip profile can be customized on the User Account page in the Developer Portal. The return address provided in the packing slip profile will be used on both the shipping label and packing slip.

Note: By default, if you do not customize your packing slip profile, we will use the billing address you provide as the return address on both the shipping label and packing slip.

The packing slip also includes the order number, the title and quantity of books ordered, and the name and address of the recipient. It does not contain any price information.

If you'd like to include a custom logo, you can upload a PNG image, sized at 1.75" x 1.5" with a minimum of 200 DPI. Once you have added your desired information, save your changes.

Note: If your logo is in color, it will be converted to black & white. We recommend using a white background for your PNG image, as images with transparent backgrounds can sometimes result in an obscured logo image when the packing slip is converted to a PDF and printed.